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I read Deborah’s book years ago, it’s a good one! When I ponder this Yama, there’s the obvious of ‘do no harm’ to others, the nature world, the environment …..thought, word and deed….but what comes to mind for me as well, is how this principle also shows up in relating to ‘self’. Negative self talk, self criticism, resentment, anger, disappointment and the ‘personal violence’ in them. And action too. I remember when I first learned about this principle (in MJ’s class, no doubt) it was an eye opener for me in how I was practicing because my actions on the mat - pushing past edge, trying to force a pose not respecting my own limitations- that ’younger self yogi’ was not practicing ahimsa!! I started to pay better attention to bringing more ahimsa onto my own mat. And we know that all things practiced on the mat lead to practice in life! If I can be more compassionate and kinder myself on the mat, then perhaps I could be more so in life too. Forever and ever, a practice. Buddha said ‘If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.’ Thanks for putting together this group, Dawn.❤️



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